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Prescription Refills

If your prescription has expired, then most likely you are due for an office visit. We will only renew prescriptions if a patient has been seen for that medical condition within the past six months. If the patient has not had an office visit in that period of time, then an office visit will need to be scheduled in order to validate the need for the medication. Please be informed that we cannot call in prescriptions for a patient after the office visit. If you log onto ECW website, you may request prescription refills, request appointments, access your personal health record.

After-Hours and Emergencies

After the office is closed, a physician is on-call for problems that cannot wait until the next office day. Patients with emergency problems should proceed directly to the nearest emergency room.

Wide Range Of Healthcare Services

• Coumadin Clinic - This is for monitoring patients who are on Coumadin/warfarin. Test is done in the
office with results obtained on the spot and discussed with physician.
• Dexa Scan - A bone-related done to check for osteoporosis and osteopenia.
• Echocardiogram - This is an ultrasound of the heart to evaluate the structure, function and pumping action of the heart. It also evaluates the heart valves. It can show damage to the heart from a heart.
• EKG - Picks out any abnormal rhythm and any heart abnormality in less than five minute.
• Flu Shot
• Home Sleep Study - Diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.
• PFT - A Lung test / spirometry off asteme / COPD
• Pneumonia Vaccination/Prevnar 13 - This is recommended once every 10 years or earlier for all patients above 65
• PPD/TB Testing - This is a tuberculosis test done in-house.
• Prolia - This is the alternative medications to treat osteoporosis every six months instead of daily and weekly medication.
• Shingrix - Prevention of Herpes Zoster in Adults aged 50 years and older.